curiosity edible seeking magic rendezvous denial
enchantment duality party bound ethereal for jane
remember remember, detail study for dresses during the war class of 1956 entered yale

Portfolio notes

01-06 Collage process begins with a tentative vision and continues as I collect found images. The narrative starts when images interact and ends when their story is complete.

07-10 Each dress image is a stitched copy from a collage composition, isolated for form and further study and appreciated for its uniqueness.

11-24 Paper dresses and slips tell stories of past and present about ordinary women in an extraordinary format, to celebrate their lives and struggles.

25-30 What happens when your spouse/lover leaves and you take over the house? Based on a true story, It's Her House Now illustrates this occurrence. Here are six of the twelve illustrations.

Additional artist’s books from Pencilhead Press, by Marcia Weisbrot at: Vamp & Tramp, Booksellers, LLC